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Our Transporation Service Costs

The availability of reliable means of transport helps the Adults we care for access appropriate and well-coordinated health care.
Pebble Brook Senior Home Care is committed to giving our residents assistance in transportation to and fro to the doctor and therapy appointments and other events that will need them to be transported out of the facility, to avoid delayed appointments or in a worst case scenario they get to miss their doctor's appointment due to unreliable means of transport.
Part of our duty is to ensure that residents who have scheduled appointments are transported there safely and promptly.
We offer both Ambulatory Residents and Non-Ambulatory Residents our transportation services.

Ambulatory Residents

The transportation fee for Ambulatory residents is $75 per round trip. The few covers to take them from our facility to the Doctor's appointment and safely transport them back to the facility.
Transporting them with our facility means of transport helps us monitor and assist them through the journey, ensuring they are given maximum attention and care within and outside the facility.
The fact that Ambulatory Residents can work around the facility on their own does not mean we leave them unassisted; when there is a need for them to be transported out of the facility, we always make sure a caregiver assist them all through the transportation to make sure they are comfortable and not overwhelmed with the whole process.

Non Ambulatory Residents

Residents who cannot walk safely without the help of assistance equipment will need to be taken to an appointment or event with a wheelchair that they will be rolled into the vehicle with. Wheelchair transportation is appropriate, especially for patients sitting upright and having limited mobility due to conditions.
We put in extra effort to make them get maximum comfort and relax their body and mind all through the transportation. Having a caregiver who is already acquitted with the help they need gives an edge to how smooth and stress-free the movement will be for our residents.

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