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Private Rooms Semi-Private Now Available


Our spacious floor plan allows for easy mobility and gives our residents plenty of customization room options.

Plenty of room for personal belongings • It allows plenty of natural light to come in • Guests and family members won't feel cramped during visits.
The well-spaced bedroom helps to accommodate a good number of guests to discuss and interact with residents without feeling cramped during visits.
We aim to make our residents healthy, feel at home and comfortable as much as possible with the room sizes and not feel they are caged.
It's easier to clean the rooms, arrange personal belongings, and have enough space for the daily movement of the residents.
The spacious rooms help accommodate extra chairs, bedside lamps, and drawers.
The drawers have enough sections for arranging their personal belongings with easy access for them. The living room is nicely decorated to create a feeling of home. It has enough space to accommodate all residents for their daily and weekly activities that they enjoy so well and always look forward to.
Both the private and shared rooms are large enough with good ventilation to avoid dizziness, fatigue, transmitted diseases, and viruses that can easily be contacted due to poor ventilation.
The bathrooms are spacious, which helps with easy movement and comfort for our residents during shower time.
The use of spacious bathrooms ensures that any home accident that can cause serious injuries to the legs, hands, and even the head is minimized.
We understand that there might be a need for the caregivers to assist our residents during shower time, so the space needs to comfortably accommodate both the caregiver and the residents at a time during shower time. We are always looking for ways to make our residents enjoy a comfortable and stress-free stay in our facility.
commode chair is being used by people recovering from an injury or sickness which cannot walk to the bathroom. They can use this as a second toilet. You can reduce your chance of falling and re-injuring yourself by using a bedside commode during your recovery. They are wonderful mobility aids that provide excellent comfort, encourage good posture, alleviate back pain, and make standing and sitting easier.

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