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$ 4,000 monthly
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STATE LICENSE # 336425448

Past Events
Happy Times
With Family and Friends

Partys, Birthdays, Holidays and Special Occasions

Celebrating Birthday parties with our loved ones gives a special joy and feeling. We, therefore, make it a routine to celebrate birthdays within our facility with guests to share in our happiness. We enjoy party food together and have loads of fun with our family, creating memorable moments that we will always cherish.


We organise get-togethers with family, friends and our residents, where we share jokes and stories that are delightful and resonate with old good memories.

Group Activities

Senior Social Activities We engage in group activities that help create a strong bond between residents. The group activities also help them exercise their brains while trying to achieve their task. It's also therapeutic for their mental health.

Christmas Parties

Senior 55+ singing We celebrate Christmas and organize a party for it. Family members are always invited to have fun with their loved ones, which helps rekindle family love and bond. Christmas parties benefit by giving our residents a feeling of home and celebrating and enjoying the way they would if they were at home.
Eating and celebrating


We have fun!!! Singing gladdens the heart and to sing alongside each other is merrier. All these activities help their mental health and are therapeutic to our elderly. We aim to give them the best moments they will always cherish, eradicating any feeling of loneliness. group singing

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