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STATE LICENSE # 336425448

Tools & Equipments
To Help Seniors With
Mobility Issue

Shower Chair

That they are aged and need assistance does not mean they don't have their shower time!! We offer service with a shower chair, also known as a bath chair, which provides a stable location in a slippery shower or bath, allowing you to harness safety by reducing the possibility of accidents or slippers. It is beneficial for wheelchair users, the elderly, and anyone who cannot execute large movements with their body.

The stability and balance shower chairs give while in the bathtub can reduce the risk of broken bones and injuries during shower times.

Full Electric Hospital Bed

They need comfort while on the bed due to some therapeutic injuries that might cause back pain and sore muscles if they are not comfortable.

We provide an electric bed that lets you change the height of the mattress and the positions of your head and body with long-range control. Have your remote control within easy reach, and shift into the best position for watching TV.

You can also change the height of the mattress itself. They could also be beneficial in treating a variety of medical ailments and can significantly increase overall comfortability.

Electric Hoyer Patient Lift

A Hoyer lift is a type of assistive technology geared towards helping move individuals with limited to no mobility from one area to another.

Using Electric Hoyer to lift our residents makes it easier to move them without causing pain or injury, and our workers are trained to use this assistance Equipment well.

Lifting Sling

There are various upsides to using a sling lift. It enables the transfer of heavy patients while lowering caregiver stress on their backs and the number of nursing personnel necessary to shift patients. It also minimizes the risk of orthopedic harm when patients are lifted. Thanks to the rotating pivot disk, standing or sitting transfers are simple and safe. The user may sit on the turntable and control the bed or chair from there. It may be used to get into and out of automobile seats.

Folding Bedside Commode with Bucket and Splash Guard

A commode chair is being used by people recovering from an injury or sickness which cannot walk to the bathroom. They can use this as a second toilet. You can reduce your chance of falling and re-injuring yourself by using a bedside commode during your recovery. They are wonderful mobility aids that provide excellent comfort, encourage good posture, alleviate back pain, and make standing and sitting easier.

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