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24/7 Help Is Available

At Pebble Brook Senior Home Care, we understand that you want the best for your aged parents or loved ones, but you might not be able to give them the 24/7 assistance they need due to work or taking care of your personal life. We offer 24/7 services with maximum attention and care to the needs of your loved ones during the daytime and at night, helping them adapt to our conducive and comfortable environment. Our services are dedicated to ensuring your loved ones are well taken care of to avoid getting overwhelmed due to stress and age. We have excellent assistance equipment that will help prevent minor home accidents due to their inability to help themselves. Our workers are dedicated and always ready during the daytime and night to help clean up and ensure they are comfortable.

Appointment Scheduling

You do not need to worry about your loved ones under our care, keeping to their appointment with their health care providers. We help schedule and transport them to visit the doctors and get the necessary medical attention. We help put together essential questions and concerns about your loved ones that need to be discussed with the Doctor to make it easier. The transportation necessary for the appointment will determine the fee charged for it, and we always ensure they are transported by the appropriate means safely and comfortably. We also have a mobile dentist who could be booked to come to our facility for the appointment.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive skills are a way for people to practice their five senses through mental exercise. To keep our residents' minds sharp and alert, we engage them in meaningful conversations, games, puzzles, music, and crafts.

House Keeping and Laundry

Cleanliness is our watchword!!! We ensure that your loved ones under our care are clean and tidy, their rooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected to avoid infections and enable them to have a feel of home and care. We know that some of our residents might not make it to the restroom most times, thereby wetting the bed or their bodies. Still, we caregivers ensure their rooms are adequately cleaned, and their dirty clothes and linens are carefully washed.

Incontinence Support

Help is available 24/7. This means assistance in toileting day and night. For bedridden residents and unable to communicate, we check them often to see if their diapers or clothing needs to be changed. This is to avoid skin breakdown and irritation. A doctor prescribed Catheter usage is also beneficial. It reduces the chance of skin breakdown and irritation. It also keeps your loved one from often going to the bathroom, which can be a lot of effort on their part.

Medication Management

At Pebble Brook Senior Home Care, we ensure our residents take their medication and the correct dose when due. We also monitor and alert the pharmacy or whoever is ordering medication when the supply is low to avoid running out of their medication. We understand that each resident is unique, and some might need special assistance to take their medication. We are always willing and ready to offer the required help to ensure they do not miss any medication.

Therapeutic Services

We take into practice physical therapies that help our residents be more agile. This ranges from chair exercises, lifting light weights, and taking them outside (or inside) for a walk. And we ensure that they are well monitored to avoid injuries and household accidents. Those who can’t move by themselves are helped with assistive equipment.

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