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Senior Care services We Use For Our Residents


Mobile Dentist

Good dental or oral care is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and tongues. Oral problems, including bad breath, dry mouth, cold sores, tooth decay, or thrush, are all treatable with proper diagnosis and care.
We can always recommend an excellent mobile dentist who comes to our facility that our facility works with to help give our residents good dental care. Still, you can also invite a dentist of your choice for your loved one or schedule an appointment for them to meet with the dentist.
Toothache and pain around the mouth and jaw among our residents often give discomfort and, when not treated properly, will cause more aches and severe pain. These problems often affect their daily activities like sleeping, chewing food, and talking correctly. Our facility always schedules an appointment for them with the dentist for early diagnosis and adequate treatment.


Hair dresser can come as needed. It is $30 per visit.
Our residents also want to look good, and a simple haircut and a change of hair color will make them feel good. At Pebble Brook Senior Home Care, we work with stylists specializing in beauty services for the elderly. They are highly professional with their work, ensuring our residents get their desired look and come to a sort of fulfillment.
Dementia causes confusion and fear in many older adults. Clinicians specializing in beauty care services for individuals with dementia know how to make most people relax and feel at ease, resulting in a peaceful and smooth beauty process.
A hairdresser can come as needed, and the fee is $30 per visit.


Podiatrists play a role in the musculoskeletal assessment of the feet and legs of the elderly. They can assist in identifying and treating potential and active foot pathology that can reduce mobility. As the skin ages, it loses its former qualities of elasticity, moisture balance, and fatty padding. We have a trusted licensed podiatrist that comes in and does our resident's nails.

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